Miss Auburn Cami Werden

Cami werden3MissAuburn

Name: Cami Werden

Title: Miss Auburn

Hometown: Auburn, Washington

Education:  Presidential Award (2008), National Honors Society 8 years running, Green River College- AA Business Administration (2016-2018), Northwest University- BS Music Industry Business (2019-present)

Talent:Vocal- “Take Me or Leave Me” from the hit musical Rent.


Musical Theatre accomplishments: Cinderella in Cinderella (2011), Ginette in Almost Maine (2012), Charlie Bates in Oliver! (2013), Fairy May in Curious Savage (2013), Natalie/Ed in All Shook Up (2014), Received call-back from the 5th Avenue Theatre (2014), Marcy Park in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (2015), Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible (2015), Elsa in The Sound of Music (2016), director of Graceland (2016), Drama Club Public Relations Officer (2012-2013), Drama Club Secretary (2015-2016), Stage Manager for Guys and Dolls (2017), Lisa in Mamma Mia (2019), Janet in The Rocky Horror Show (2020), Initiated into the International Thespian Society

Singing accomplishments: Performed the National Anthem at The Sarcoma Foundation fundraiser, Performed the National Anthem at the Republican 30th District Legislative Meeting, Maestro Award (2016), State Finalist in Solo and Ensemble, Voted “Most Expressive” NU Choralons (2019)


Employment: Business Administration Internship- Terra Dynamics in Auburn (2016), JA Biztown Coordinator- Junior Achievement Washington in Auburn (2017), Business Administration- FNW, Inc. in Auburn (2018-2019), Business Administration/Production Assistant Internship- Hinterland Studios in Portland, OR (2020-present)

Accomplishments: First Runner Up in Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen Program (2012), Citation Award 2016, Miss Auburn 2016, Miss Auburn 2020-2021

Goals: My career goals are simple: to make music for the rest of my life. I am a singer/songwriter to my core. With my business background, however, I can manage myself and others, I have a full understanding of the accounting behind any successful business endeavor, and can market my skills to a wide variety of audiences.


Special interests/Fun facts:  I am in the “I Ate a Bug Club”, I finished a 5K in a wheelchair, ask me to rap, I am a walrus-human hybrid, I was kidnapped by Canada, I performed on a cruise ship at 8 years old, I am related to “Old Baconface”, I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns, the Ed Sullivan Show changed my life.

Leadership Roles: Choir Executive Board Public Relations Officer (2015-2016), Student Leadership Team (2012-2014)

Platform Issue: Trans Rights are Human Rights: Equality and Equity Matter

How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations? The world I come from is binary, like the one you grew up in. Being someone outside of that binary limited my dreams and aspirations- or so I thought. Now, after gaining a new love for everything I am, I realize that by living authentically, anything is possible – even winning Miss Washington.

Of all the ways you could succeed in your life, why have you chosen to succeed in the Miss America Pageant?  I have been involved in the Miss America program since I was in third grade, being a Little Sister for the Miss Auburn Scholarship Program. Now, I strive to become someone a young person, such as my Little Sister or Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen, could look up to and aspire to be. The Miss America Program teaches young people incredibly important life skills, such as resume preparation and formal interview skills which have been useful in my life as I continue to strive for my future career aspirations. The program also encourages community involvement, and stresses the importance of serving others through volunteer programs. The Miss America program is also an outlet for young people to share their opinions and gain an understanding of current events. Open and honest discussions surrounding tough subjects can feel daunting, but the Miss America Organization does a good job bringing many voices to the table, and as Miss Washington, I believe that can only get better!